Creating a New HealthCare Experience

Our Mission

Expanding and empowering healthcare for all through transparency, access, and convenience.
About Laso
Our history
LASO Health is an online platform created by a team of Physicians, technologists, and entrepreneurs to connect and empower both patients and providers, and to remove the barriers that stand between them and the direct Patient-to-Doctor healthcare relationship.

Our team

Dr. M. Reza Mizani
Afzal M. Dudhia, CHFP
Jason Yim
Dr. Varshi Broumand
Chief Medical Officer
Tim S. Kaufeldt
Head of Business
Ruby Lopez G.
Evalyne Fagan
Sales Rep
Courtney Brookes
Customer Success

Pillars For Success

From every angle and level, we pledge to provide transparency in an opaque market.
In all aspects of our business, public and private, we act with integrity over profit.
We do not work to conform to existing systems - we endeavor to become the system.
We work tirelessly towards our mission of expanding and empowering healthcare for all. No matter the barriers.
Whether employee, co-worker, or customer, we treat every person with fairness first.

Our Partners: