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  • One-Touch Access to Care
  • Reduced Policy Claims
  • No Contracts, Easy Onboarding
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Give Your Employees the Health Care They Deserve.

Save up to 90% on
Say goodbye to hidden drug costs and pharmacy hunting. LASO Rx offers 90% discounts and custom recommendations for free. Sign up on LASO SuperApp now.
Book virtual sessions
from your phone.
Book virtual Primary, Urgent, and Behavioral Health appointments quickly from your phone with LASO Plus. Get unlimited $0 visits and pay less than $1/day.
Transparent pricing for
local providers.
Find, book, and pay for nearby health services on LASO app. See total cost, available appointments in seconds. No surprise bills, save money with or without insurance.

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*Estimated annual savings per Employee Member, Average salary of $36 per hour. Cost savings data sources: The National Academy of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, United States Department of Health & Human Services, American Medical Association, American Hospital Association, and several prominent universities

The problem

Every Year It's the Same Story. You pay more and more for the same health plan. Your employees get less and less.

Your choices in providing healthcare options to your Employees are just like the American healthcare system itself: overly complex, full of traps, and increasingly more expensive every year. And the results are often the same: high cost, low utilization, and ultimately lower levels of actual health.

Deductibles have risen over 200% since 2009, and average family premiums have doubled since 2009 to over $22,000* on average. People in America already do not go to the Doctor - and rising costs will only make this problem worse.

Primary care and so much more

Regular PCP
PCP Appointments < 24 Hours
24/7/365 Virtual Urgent Care
Available Nationwide
Discounted RX
Behavioral Care + Teen Therapy
Chat with a Care Team 24/7
Intelligent Referrals

Affordable. Accessible.

Accessible Health Care on-demand across all 50 states for a low monthly membership. Urgent, Primary, and Behavioral telehealth and Teen Therapy services - all backed by the power of Walmart Virtual Health Care's network of nationwide providers. Big cost savings. Easy to get started. 24/7 customer service

Built For Business.
Big And Small

From Startup to Enterprise. Self-insured to Fully Insured

24/7/365 anywhere access for your employees to Urgent, Primary and Behavioral care


LASO Plus could be provided as a standalone benefit or as a supplement with a health plan


LASO Plus costs less than $1 a day per member, and billed month-to-month


The LASO Plus Team will Onboard Your Employees - At No Cost to you


LASO Plus is backed by one of the most trusted names in America - Walmart Health

1099s Compliant

Because LASO Plus is not insurance, you can provide LASO for contractors and part-timers

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